Our daily educational programs are perfect for your little one’s curiosity about the marine world. Our drop-in programs make it easy for you and your child to participate. Just show up; registration is not required unless noted.

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Get your sea legs aboard an historic 30-ft. Oldport Launch as we tour the Great Salt Pond and learn about local history, folklore and ecology of Block Island.  $15 pp. MUST call to reserve a spot.


Discover the art and thrill of photography while touring the Great Salt Pond.  $15 pp.  MUST call to reserve a spot. 

CREATURE FEATURE (great for all ages)

Join us in exploring and discovering all the marine creatures in our two large outdoor aquariums! Local occupants might be hermit, horseshoe and spider crabs, sea urchins and oyster toadfish! During the summer, we even get tropical visitors to Block Island, such as sargassum fish and snowy grouper, that have hitched a ride on the Gulf Stream. No reservations necessary. FREE. Donations greatly appreciated.

AQUA ART (recommended for ages 5yrs and up)

Let your creativity float free! Practice the art of Gyotaku fish prints and marine origami. Activities vary every week. No reservations necessary. $5pp.

SQUID DISSECTION (recommended for ages 7yrs and up)

Join us for a unique opportunity to learn all about these fascinating creatures. Come learn the internal and external anatomy of the squid and the various functions of its organs. No reservations required. $5pp.

MICROSCOPIC WORLDS (recommended for ages 7yrs and up)

Come tow for plankton off the BIMI docks and learn about the tiny sea creatures of the Great Salt Pond. Examine a new world under our microscopes and participate in a “flink” race. No reservations necessary. $5pp.

NAUTICAL KNOTS (recommended for ages 9yrs and up)

Learn to tie some maritime knots and make your own sailor’s bracelet. No reservations necessary. $5pp.

UNDERWATER GARDENS (recommended for ages 7yrs and up)

Come learn about different BI seaweeds and create pressed seaweed art or a terrarium to bring home! $5pp

PUZZLING FISH (recommended for ages 7yrs and up)

Learn all about fish fins, scales and adaptations. Help us sort which parts go where and learn how to identify local marine species. Also, using your new-found fin knowledge build a cork fish! No reservations necessary. FREE. Donations greatly appreciated.  No reservations necessary. FREE. Donations greatly appreciated.

BIMI BOAT BATTLES (recommended for ages 7yrs and up)

Learn about different kinds of boats, build your own model boat and race on the BIMI tanks. $5pp

BIMI INVASION (recommended for ages 9yrs and up)

Help us find some sinister suspects who have invaded the BIMI area. Learn about invasive species and where they lurk. FREE. Donations greatly appreciated.

OPEN TANK (great for all ages)

Join us in discovering all the creatures in our aquariums that may include squids, horseshoe crabs, sea urchins and toadfish. FREE. Donations greatly appreciated.

SHELLFISH DISSECTION (recommended for ages 7yrs and up)

Shellfish Dissection (recommended for ages 7 and up) Study living bivalves and learn about how they filter our pond’s water. $5pp.


Become part of the Citizen Scientist Team and help to inventory the species that call this vital ecosystem their home. Along the way we will also collect specimens for the BIMI touch tanks! Meet us at Andy’s Way and join in on the Citizen Science movement! This is a project that you can participate in every week because it is constantly evolving. The purpose of this program is to establish the Skippers Island area as an important ecosystem that should be treasured. FREE. Donations greatly appreciated.