“Education is what survives when what has been learned has been forgotten.” ~ B.F. Skinner, American Educator, 1904-1998

BIMI’s Dolphin Program provides high school students from Northeast city schools with a weeklong maritime educational experience. Dolphin Kids learn about Block Island ecology, Great Salt Pond water quality, fishing, sea creatures, growing clams and oysters, bird banding, maritime arts, team building and life skills.

Named for its founder Eileen Dolphin, students from Cristo Rey Boston, Paul Cuffee Providence, Cristo Rey Brooklyn and Central Falls High School are invited to participate in the Dolphin Program. Students with interests in science and ecology are selected by each school following guidelines developed by BIMI.

A Dolphin Program Manager, BIMI’s Program Director and BIMI Board Members look after program details and activities, and draw on programs offered by other Block Island organizations including the Ocean View Foundation, the Committee for the Great Salt Pond, The Nature Conservancy, Southeast Lighthouse Foundation and the Block Island Oyster Company. Students get a taste of Island life from beach picnics and in-home dinners.

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Fr. Robert Sandoz of Christ the King Prep in Newark, NJ, put it this way: “It was life-changing for the students. The impact will be with them forever. BIMI’s Program opened up thoughts and considerations that our students would never have.”

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