Volunteers play a vital role in helping us meet our demands throughout the summer. The volunteer experience offers participants the ability to develop knowledge and skill in a supportive environment.

We welcome applications from individuals of diverse age, experience, ethnicity and physical ability.

Below is a listing of positions available on a volunteer basis. To request more information, please contact us at bimi02807@gmail.com

Creature Feature Educator
Creature Feature is our most popular educational program. Many families show up to get a close encounter with the animals in our aquarium touch tanks. By training to become a Creature Feature Educator, you will be helping us create connections to nature through personal experiences, while educating the public on local marine species.

Marine Educator
The Marine Educator volunteer position allows you to pick which educational program(s) you would like to learn more about and become familiar enough on the topic to teach others. Whether you choose to assist with our field programs, or prefer to assist with an indoor program, you will share in our pride of promoting environmental awareness.

Special Event Volunteer
Consider joining our crew for our weekly lecture series or special events such as our annual Chowda’Fest, or help with a special project such as coastal cleanup!